List of 100 Kitchen Equipment & Appliances Every Restaurant Needs

Restaurant kitchen

Beyond the talented chefs and meticulous recipes in restaurants, it’s the kitchen equipment and appliances that form the backbone of a restaurant’s culinary prowess. These workhorses ensure that the kitchen is operating efficiently and seamlesssly.

In this article, we embark on a journey through the heart of every restaurant: its kitchen. We unveil a meticulously curated list of 100 essential kitchen equipment and appliances that every restaurant kitchen cannot do without.

A well-equipped kitchen is a hub of innovation and precision where chefs craft their culinary visions. With the right tools at their fingertips, they can execute complex dishes, maintain food safety standards, and serve up a memorable dining experience. From the moment a fresh ingredient arrives at the back door to the final flourish on a plate, kitchen equipment and appliances are there every step of the way.

Throughout this article, we will delve into a list of 100 kitchen equipment and appliances that every restaurant needs.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In the vibrant world of restaurant kitchens, there’s another essential ensemble that often operates behind the scenes – the equipment dedicated to cleanliness and maintenance. These unsung heroes are the custodians of hygiene, ensuring that every meal served is not just delicious but also safe for consumption.

Dishwashers and Sinks

Imagine the relentless flow of dishes, cutlery, and cooking utensils that stream in and out of a bustling kitchen. Without the trusty dishwasher, this daily ritual would be a daunting, time-consuming chore. Commercial dishwashers are designed to handle the high-volume demands of restaurant life, effortlessly tackling grease and grime to leave your kitchenware spotless and ready for the next culinary masterpiece.

Complementing the dishwasher’s prowess are the indispensable sinks, where the dance of food prep, handwashing, and dishwashing unfolds. Sinks are the command center for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen. They’re where ingredients are washed, hands are sanitized, and dishes are meticulously cleaned. Choosing the right sinks and faucets is paramount, as they must meet health and safety regulations while accommodating the bustling pace of a restaurant kitchen.

Food Dispensers and Can Openers

Efficiency is the heartbeat of any professional kitchen. Enter food dispensers and can openers, the unsung heroes of ingredient management. Food dispensers not only save space but also promote portion control, reducing waste and ensuring consistency in your culinary creations. They’re a reliable partner for storing dry goods, cereals, and grains.

Meanwhile, can openers may seem like a straightforward tool, but they play a pivotal role in quick access to canned ingredients. In the heat of a busy service, the ability to swiftly open cans without a fuss can make all the difference.

Food Crushers and More

While not in the spotlight, food crushers and similar equipment serve critical functions. These crushers reduce the volume of aluminum cans, aiding in recycling efforts and minimizing the environmental footprint. They might seem small, but their contribution to sustainability is substantial.

In addition to these, various behind-the-scenes tools, from food racks to kitchen timers, ensure that the entire kitchen orchestra operates smoothly. Organizing and storing ingredients becomes a breeze, and precise timing ensures that every dish is plated to perfection, regardless of how hectic the kitchen gets.

100 Kitchen Equipment & Appliances Every Restaurant Needs

ItemDescription and Purpose
1. RangeEssential for stovetop cooking, comes in gas or electric.
2. OvenBaking and roasting, convection or conventional.
3. GrillGrilling meats and vegetables, various types available.
4. Deep FryerPerfect for frying, choose from countertop or floor.
5. SteamersSteaming veggies, seafood, or rice; countertop models.
6. SalamanderBroiling and browning, used for finishing dishes.
7. MicrowaveQuick heating, thawing, and cooking smaller items.
8. RefrigeratorFood storage at safe temperatures, various sizes.
9. FreezerStorage for frozen goods, walk-in or reach-in types.
10. Walk-in CoolerLarge cold storage for bulk items and ingredients.
11. Ice MakerProduces ice for drinks, available in various sizes.
12. DishwasherEfficiently cleans dishes, glassware, and utensils.
13. Sinks (Prep & Dish)Essential for food prep, dishwashing, and handwashing.
14. Food ProcessorChopping, slicing, and grating ingredients.
15. Mixer (Stand & Hand)Mixing batters, dough, and sauces.
16. BlenderBlending drinks, soups, and sauces.
17. GriddleIdeal for cooking pancakes, burgers, and more.
18. Pasta CookerBoils pasta to perfection, saves time.
19. Food WarmerKeeps dishes at serving temperature until plated.
20. CharbroilerFor grilling meats with appealing grill marks.
21. Coffee MakerBrews coffee for guests and staff, various types.
22. Espresso MachineMakes espresso-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.
23. Ice Cream MachineProduces fresh ice cream and sorbet.
24. Commercial ToasterToasts bread and bagels quickly and evenly.
25. Food ScaleEnsures precise ingredient measurements.
26. Food WarmersKeeps plated dishes hot until they’re served.
27. Rice CookerCooks perfect rice consistently.
28. Food Holding CabinetHolds prepared dishes at optimal temperatures.
29. Vacuum SealerPreserves food by removing air, extends shelf life.
30. Meat SlicerSlices deli meats and cheeses with precision.
31. Pastry Display CaseShowcases baked goods to entice customers.
32. Salad SpinnerDries washed greens efficiently.
33. Ice CrusherCrushes ice for cocktails and blended drinks.
34. Waffle IronMakes waffles for breakfast or desserts.
35. Commercial JuicerExtracts fresh juice from fruits and vegetables.
36. Conveyor OvenFast, consistent cooking, ideal for pizzas.
37. Food DehydratorDries fruits, vegetables, and meats for preservation.
38. Charcuterie SlicerThinly slices cured meats for charcuterie boards.
39. Hot PlateKeeps dishes warm during plating and serving.
40. Proofing CabinetHelps dough rise evenly before baking.
41. Food BlenderBlends, purees, and emulsifies ingredients.
42. Food SteamerSteams vegetables, seafood, and dumplings.
43. Sauté PansVersatile for sautéing, frying, and searing.
44. Mixing BowlsEssential for combining and prepping ingredients.
45. LadlesFor portioning soups, sauces, and stews.
46. Stock PotsLarge pots for boiling pasta, making stocks, and more.
47. Roasting PansPerfect for roasting meats and poultry.
48. Sauce PotsIdeal for cooking sauces and gravies.
49. Baking SheetsUsed for baking cookies, pastries, and more.
50. Rolling PinsFor rolling out dough for pastries and pasta.
51. Bread SlicerUniformly slices bread for sandwiches and toast.
52. WhisksWhisking and emulsifying sauces and dressings.
53. TongsVersatile for flipping, turning, and plating.
54. Food ThermometersEnsures food is cooked to the correct temperature.
55. Can OpenerOpens canned ingredients efficiently.
56. Mandoline SlicerPrecisely slices fruits and vegetables.
57. Sauce DispensersFor easy portioning and serving of sauces.
58. Immersion BlenderBlends soups and sauces directly in pots.
59. Pasta MakerProduces fresh pasta, including various shapes.
60. Cheese GraterGrates cheese and other ingredients quickly.
61. Salad BarDisplays salad ingredients for self-service.
62. Commercial Food ProcessorLarger capacity for heavy-duty tasks.
63. Hoods and VentilationEnsures proper air circulation and removes odors.
64. Sous Vide MachinePrecisely cooks vacuum-sealed foods in a water bath.
65. Pastry BagsPiping icing, filling pastries, and decorating cakes.
66. Meat GrinderGrinds fresh meat for burgers, sausages, and more.
67. Food RacksOrganize and store ingredients and utensils.
68. Kitchen TimerKeeps track of cooking times for multiple dishes.
69. Bain-MarieGentle heating for delicate sauces and dishes.
70. Food ShieldsPrevents contamination in buffet or food service.
71. Meat TenderizerTenderizes tough cuts of meat for cooking.
72. Digital ScalesPrecise weighing for ingredients in grams or ounces.
73. Commercial Food WarmerKeeps large quantities of food hot for serving.
74. Commercial Ice Cream FreezerStores and displays a variety of ice cream flavors.
75. Food DispensersPortion control for cereals, grains, and snacks.
76. Chocolate Tempering MachinePrecisely melts and tempers chocolate for desserts.
77. Pizza Dough PressPresses pizza dough into uniform thickness.
78. Commercial Food MixerHigh-capacity mixing for dough, batter, and more.
79. Soup KettlesKeeps soups and stews hot for self-service.
80. Commercial Food SlicerSlices deli meats and cheeses with speed and accuracy.
81. Plate WarmersKeeps plates warm for serving hot dishes.
82. Crepe MakersCooks thin crepes for sweet or savory fillings.
83. Bagel SlicersSlices bagels evenly and safely.
84. Vegetable PeelerQuickly peels and preps vegetables.
85. Commercial Ice DispenserProvides ice for drinks without contamination.
86. Food CrushersCrushes ice or ingredients for cocktails and dishes.
87. Soup WarmersKeeps a variety of soups at the right temperature.
88. Milkshake MachinesBlends milkshakes and frozen drinks to perfection.
89. Commercial Wok RangeHigh-heat cooking for stir-frying and Asian dishes.
90. Tortilla PressPresses fresh tortillas for Mexican cuisine.
91. Popcorn MachinePops fresh popcorn for snacks and concessions.
92. Chocolate FountainsCreates a captivating dessert display.
93. Buffet ServersKeeps food warm and organized for buffet service.
94. Wine RefrigeratorsStores wines at the ideal temperature.
95. Commercial Can CrushersReduces the volume of aluminum cans for recycling.
96. Food ScoopsFor portioning and serving dry ingredients.
97. Conveyor DishwasherEfficiently cleans a high volume of dishes.
98. Commercial Food DehydratorsDehydrates large quantities of food for preservation.
99. Sushi Rolling MatsEssential for making sushi rolls.
100. Food Display WarmersShowcases and keeps hot foods appealingly warm.

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