Complete List of 102 Appliances and their Wattage

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In our modern lives, appliances have become indispensable companions, making our daily routines more efficient and comfortable. From the subtle hum of a refrigerator to the hum of a washing machine or the buzz of a coffee maker announcing the start of a new day, these devices play crucial roles in our homes. Yet, beyond their convenience, they also have a significant impact on our energy consumption and utility bills.

Understanding the wattage of household appliances is not only informative but empowers us to make conscious choices about our energy use. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to optimize energy efficiency or a renter aiming to better manage your utilities, this comprehensive guide aims to provide you with a complete list of 102 common household appliances and their associated wattage. Through this list, we’ll explore the energy consumption of appliances both large and small, shedding light on how these everyday devices contribute to our overall energy footprint.

List of 102 appliances and their wattage

ApplianceWattage (W)Explanation
Refrigerator100-800The wattage depends on size and features.
Microwave600-1200Power varies with the model.
Toaster800-1500Higher wattage for faster toasting.
Coffee Maker800-1200Brewing time impacts energy use.
Dishwasher1200-1500Energy-efficient models may use less.
Washing Machine300-500Varies based on capacity and settings.
Dryer1800-5000Electric dryers use more power than gas.
Oven2000-5000Depends on type (conventional or convection).
Stovetop (Electric)1200-2500Number of burners in use affects wattage.
Stovetop (Gas)500-1000Gas stoves consume less electricity.
TV (LED/LCD)30-250Screen size and brightness impact wattage.
Computer (Desktop)300-800Energy-efficient models use less power.
Laptop20-100Lower wattage for extended battery life.
Air Conditioner1000-5000Depends on BTU rating and cooling needs.
Ceiling Fan10-75Speed settings influence energy consumption.
Hair Dryer1000-1800High heat settings consume more power.
Vacuum Cleaner600-1500Suction power affects energy use.
Iron1000-1800Wattage varies with temperature settings.
Blender300-1000Power depends on blending needs.
Water Heater (Electric)3000-4500Tank size and heating requirements matter.
Water Heater (Gas)400-800Gas heaters are generally more efficient.
Space Heater1000-1500Energy-efficient models may use less power.
Refrigerator (Mini)80-150Compact fridges consume less electricity.
Freezer100-800Similar to refrigerators but with less frequent use.
Electric Kettle1500-3000Rapidly heats water, high wattage for quick boiling.
Rice Cooker300-800Wattage varies with cooking time and features.
Crock-Pot/Slow Cooker100-300Low wattage for slow, all-day cooking.
Food Processor300-800Power depends on tasks like chopping or blending.
Electric Grill1200-1800Higher wattage for grilling at high temperatures.
Air Fryer1200-1800Energy-efficient cooking through hot air circulation.
Bread Maker600-1000Power usage varies with bread-making cycle.
Electric Can Opener100-200Low wattage for simple and quick tasks.
Food Dehydrator400-600Energy use depends on drying duration and settings.
Electric Toothbrush1-5Low wattage for charging and use.
Hair Straightener/Curler20-60Heating plates determine energy consumption.
Electric Shaver15-30Minimal wattage for grooming needs.
Electric Blanket50-200Varies with heat level and usage duration.
Clothes Steamer1200-1800High wattage for generating steam quickly.
Electric Mixer250-1000Power usage depends on mixing speed and ingredients.
Water Pump (Well)250-1000Energy use varies with pump size and water demand.
Aquarium Heater25-300Wattage depends on tank size and temperature needs.
Security Camera3-15Low-wattage for continuous monitoring.
Garage Door Opener300-800Power usage varies with door size and motor type.
Router/Modem5-30Low energy usage for networking devices.
Humidifier20-100Wattage depends on capacity and settings.
Dehumidifier300-800Power usage varies with humidity levels and size.
Electric Lawn Mower1000-2000Power varies with cutting width and terrain.
Hedge Trimmer300-1000Wattage depends on blade size and trimming needs.
Chainsaw800-1800Larger, more powerful models consume more energy.
Leaf Blower500-1500Power usage varies with airspeed and features.
Electric Drill500-1200Wattage depends on the task and drill size.
Circular Saw1200-2400High wattage for cutting through thick materials.
Jigsaw350-700Energy use varies with blade type and material.
Belt Sander800-1200High wattage for aggressive sanding.
Welding Machine2000-6000Power usage depends on the welding process.
Air Compressor1000-5000Wattage varies with tank size and pressure needs.
Space Heater (Infrared)750-1500Uses infrared technology for focused heating.
Water Softener15-50Low wattage for water treatment.
Solar Panels (per panel)200-400Wattage depends on panel type and sunlight.
Electric Car Charger3500-7500Charging speed varies with charger type.
Heat Pump (HVAC)3000-5000Varies based on size and heating/cooling needs.
Aquarium Air Pump3-10Low-wattage for aerating fish tanks.
Lawn Sprinkler System1000-3000Power depends on the system size and water pressure.
Electric Skateboard200-1000Wattage varies with motor power and speed.
Sous Vide Precision Cooker800-1200Maintains precise water temperature for cooking.
Instant Pot (Pressure Cooker)800-1200Power varies with cooking modes and time.
Electric Scooter250-1000Wattage depends on motor power and speed.
Electric Bike250-750Energy use varies with motor assistance and terrain.
Treadmill500-3000Power usage varies with speed and incline.
Elliptical Machine100-800Wattage depends on resistance and workout intensity.
Air Purifier50-100Low-wattage for continuous air filtration.
Smart Speaker (e.g., Echo)2-20Low energy use for voice control and streaming.
3D Printer50-300Power usage depends on print size and complexity.
Electric Skateboard200-1000Wattage varies with motor power and speed.
Electric Scooter250-1000Wattage depends on motor power and speed.
Electric Blanket50-200Varies with heat level and usage duration.
Security Camera (Wireless)3-15Low-wattage for continuous monitoring.
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner20-100Energy-efficient for automated cleaning.
Smart Thermostat1-5Low energy use for temperature control.
Battery Charger (AA/AAA)5-15Low wattage for charging small batteries.
Electric Fan40-100Power usage varies with fan speed.
Cordless Phone Charger3-5Low wattage for maintaining phone battery.
Water Fountain Pump5-50Varies with pump size and water flow rate.
Desk Lamp5-15Low-wattage for illumination.
Aquarium LED Light5-30Energy-efficient lighting for fish tanks.
Bug Zapper5-15Low energy use for insect attraction.
Electric Toothbrush Charger1-5Low-wattage for charging the toothbrush.
Bluetooth Speaker5-20Energy-efficient for wireless audio streaming.
Smartwatch Charger2-5Low wattage for charging wearable devices.
Electric Wine Opener20-40Low-wattage for quick and convenient wine opening.
Handheld Vacuum50-150Power usage varies with suction strength.
Portable Heater500-1500Wattage depends on heating method and size.
Hand Mixer100-300Power usage varies with mixing speed and ingredients.
Air Mattress Pump10-30Low-wattage for inflating air mattresses.
Travel Iron500-1000Compact size but similar wattage to regular irons.
Electric Griddle1000-1500Wattage depends on cooking area and temperature.
Electric Wok1000-1500Power usage varies with cooking method and heat.
Baby Bottle Warmer200-500Low to moderate wattage for gentle bottle warming.
Portable Blender150-400Compact design with moderate blending power.
Hand Warmer5-10Low wattage for personal heat during outdoor activities.
Electric Fly Swatter1-5Low-wattage for insect elimination.
UV Sterilizer (for Baby)5-20Low-wattage for sterilizing baby items.
Electric Wine Cooler50-150Power usage depends on cooling capacity and settings.

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