How Did the Terrible Towel Start?

The Terrible Towel is one of the most iconic symbols of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The brainchild of Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope, the towel was first introduced in 1975 and has been a staple at Steelers games ever since. It is estimated that over three million Terrible Towels have been sold, with proceeds going to various charities.

In 1975, the Pittsburgh Steelers introduced a new tradition – the Terrible Towel. Originally created by Steelers’ radio broadcaster Myron Cope, the Terrible Towel has become an iconic symbol of Steelers’ fans everywhere. So how did this simple piece of cloth become such an important part of Steelers’ culture?

It all started with Cope’s desire to give fans a way to show their support for the team. After brainstorming with some colleagues, Cope came up with the idea of creating a towel that could be waved during games. He chose gold as the color because it was associated with good luck.

Cope debuted the Terrible Towel at a game against the rival Baltimore Colts and it was an instant hit. Fans loved waving them during games and soon everyone wanted one. Today, the Terrible Towel is known around the world and is one of the most recognizable symbols in all of sports.

History of the Terrible Towel | With Myron Cope

How Did Rally Towels Start?

Rally towels are a common sight at sporting events, but how did they start? Rally towels are usually white and printed with a team’s logo or slogan. They are used by fans to wave in the air to show support for their team.

Rally towels were first seen in Major League Baseball in the late 1970s. The Kansas City Royals were the first team to hand out rally towels to fans. The tradition soon caught on with other teams, and now rally towels are a staple at baseball games.

Rally towels can also be seen at other sporting events, such as basketball, football, and hockey games. They are often given out to fans before big games or when a team is trying to make a comeback. Rally towels are a great way for fans to show their support and get excited about their team!

What Team Started the Towel Waving?

It is widely believed that the towel waving tradition started with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1975. The story goes that head coach Chuck Noll was looking for a way to fire up his team during a game against the Oakland Raiders. He allegedly asked equipment manager Myron Cope to come up with something, and Cope came up with the idea of towels.

Allegedly, Noll told his players to wave them around whenever they needed a boost. However, there is some evidence that suggests the tradition might predate the Steelers. There are reports of fans waving towels at baseball games as early as the late 1800s.

And, there are photos of Green Bay Packers fans waving towels at Lambeau Field in 1931. So, while it’s possible that the Steelers did start the towel waving tradition in football, it’s certainly not certain.

How Did the Terrible Towel Start


How Many Different Terrible Towels are There

The Terrible Towel is an iconic part of Pittsburgh Steelers history. The yellow towel with the black steelers logo has been a part of the team’s identity since 1975, when it was created by Myron Cope. Since then, the Terrible Towel has become one of the most recognizable symbols in all of sports.

But how many different Terrible Towels are there? The answer might surprise you. According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, there are currently more than 30 different versions of the Terrible Towel in circulation.

That includes towels for special occasions like Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day, as well as towels that have been autographed by Steelers players past and present. There are even Terrible Towels for pets! So if you’re a diehard Steelers fan, you can make sure your four-legged friend is showing their team spirit too.

Whether you’re looking for a classic version of the Terrible Towel or something more unique, there’s definitely a version out there for you. And with so many to choose from, you can show your support for the Steelers in any way you want!

Terrible Towel Curse

The Terrible Towel is a sports artifact that has been passed down by the Pittsburgh Steelers since 1975. The towel is said to be cursed, and many believe that it is responsible for the team’s struggles in recent years. Some say that the curse began when the team lost to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game in January 2002, after which point the team has not won a Super Bowl.

Others believe that the curse dates back even further, to when the team moved from Three Rivers Stadium to Heinz Field in 2001. Regardless of its origins, there is no denying that the Terrible Towel has been a source of bad luck for the Steelers in recent years.

Terrible Towel Wiki

The Terrible Towel is one of the most iconic symbols of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It was created in 1975 by Myron Cope, a Steelers radio broadcaster. The Terrible Towel has become synonymous with the Steelers and their fans, and is often seen waving proudly at Heinz Field on game days.


The Terrible Towel is a sports towel associated with the Pittsburgh Steelers American football team. It was created by Myron Cope, a former sportscaster for the team. The towel has become one of the most recognizable symbols of the Steelers and is known for being waved by fans at stadiums during games.

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